Monday, 14 January 2019

January 2019

January Meeting

We start the new year with an apology and this blog returned to it's original web address, after a slight hiatus over user names and alternative URL's, so please use

Our first meeting this year focused on our attendance at the upcoming Erith MRS exhibition on 26 and 27 January, and preparing Lightermans Yard for the show. Having experienced a number of little bugs, mainly electrical, in previous outings, we needed to check that the known problems were rectified. The most important being testing the uncoupling magnets and thanks to David S's investigations into the control box, these are now 100% working. A report on the exhibition will appear on the blog.

Before each outing we need to check that everything is working and that we have all the components ready to load into whoever's cars the layout will be traveling to the venue in. As access to our storage space is at our monthly meetings. Checking and loading is now down to a fine art!

Pete K and David S surveying the track board  and about to check the uncouplers.

On the way to test the magnets!
...set of vans coupled...

success! Note the white dot that marks the position of the uncoupling magnet

General feeling of satisfaction, and ready to take on the challenge of another outing.

Adding another loco to test the controllers and below - running a double header

 Three locos running coupled together!
A discussion on making scale track work drawings in Templot for Alan and Keith's Evercreech Junction project (see last month's blog entry).

We will continue the Terrier conversion. Possibly next meeting as Lightermans Yard will be 'on the road' for the Tonbridge MRS Exhibition on 16 February and Alexandra Palace in March.

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